As a BlockChain Service Provider, we enable endless possibilities on our new TSF BlockChain for all organizations. Our expertise provides you with a custom blockchain that can be personalized for any enterprise aiming to resolve key business challenges you are facing: inefficient processes, diminishing productivity, governance and monetary risks or low controls on production flows.

Currently trading on P2PB2B and Stex.

About Us

With blockchain as an emerged and established technology solution, Transaction Service Fee represents an opportunity for all participants (large corporations, start-ups, developers and investors) in the ecosystem to achieve important goals in developing smart networks, more usable blockchain services, and to build and maintain more efficient and a sustainable infrastructure to improve modern technology. We envision a future where these systems will be widely adopted and in everyday use. We are looking forward to the blockchain revolution. Transaction Service Fee – TSF is a blockchain that runs platforms, applications and business services.


TSF Coin Spec

  • POW Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash)

  • PoW Block Reward: Fixed 2 TSF

  • Block Time: 45 seconds

  • Difficulty: Retargets at every block

  • RPC port: 4949

  • P2P port: 59997

  • WebSocket (ws) port: 4950

  • Max emission of coins: Infinite

  • Starting Testnet: --testnet --mine

How to mine TSF

  • LolMiner:

    lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user <address> --worker <worker>.

  • PhoenixMiner

    PhoenixMiner -pool -wal <address> -pass x -worker <worker> -coin tsf.

  • TeamRedMiner

    teamredminer -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u <address> -p x --eth_worker <worker>.

  • EthMiner

    ethminer.exe -F <address> / <worker> -G.


TSF Exchange

Advanced cryptocurrency exchange trading platform to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, TSF, Binar, S-ZAR and many more.

TSF Explorer

TSF Transactional Data is referenced under this explorer for TSF, Binar and Szar. The explorer provides users with visuals into the Blockchain and their transactions.

TSF Pool

Our inhouse developed mining pool allows you to track your profitability and performance of miners.

Web Wallet Putea

Your web wallet is integrated within the TSF blockchain and allows you to easily send and receive TSF, Binar and Szar.

Desktop Wallet Opus

Anyone that prefers to manage funds through a desktop software app that contains its own TSF Blockchain node.

Mobile Wallet Veritas

Our official android app will help you easily.

Stablecoin Binar

Every Binar is 100% backed by our reserves, these reserves include traditional currency and cash equivalents. 1 Binar is always valued as a Stablecoin to 1 Dinar.

Stablecoin Szar

Szar has been designed to convert your cash into digital currency, this stabilizes the value to the price of our national currency.

Smart Generator

Create tokens on our TSF blockchain. You may pick from TSF 20 and mintable/burnable tokens, all you need to do is: name it, give a symbol and define the max supply.


Blockchain Status

TSF Info

Latest Block: 1906760

Block Difficulty: 1.456 T

Hashrate: 32.356 GH

Circulating Supply: 6045170.360 TSF

Miner: 0x1cE272b890Fe18f264438002a01B6F49246060eD

Latest Price (CoinGecko)

$ 0.458974

( -3.62708 % )

Market Cap: $ 2774576.021

24H Volume: $ 260592

24H High/Low: $ 0.460302 / $ 0.434344



The transparency of our explorer makes all information within the TSF blockchain readily available to any user.
Look up Transaction Service Fee (TSF) blocks, transactions, addresses, smart contracts, balances, token information, API and blockchain stats.


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